Proof of Existence

by Skeptikal

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Our debut EP with 4 original songs


released September 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Skeptikal Mauritius

A rock band from Mauritius - oh yeah, we'd love to play out there in the wild

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Track Name: 10,000 Letters
10,000 letters

Looking at 10,000 letters
Impossible to read
Entangled into words
I cannot comprehend

Seeking to justify abuse
And failing to beautify the truth


Cause I’m bleeding to see your face
But in losing you I’ve found myself

Looking at 10,000 letters
So meaningless to me
Enchained by my desires
Baffled and deceived

Waking to reality
Sever those ties and set me free
Track Name: Pop Tarts
Pop Tarts

You boast a little culture in a line
You sold your crap to the groupie whiny kids
I've thrown a ward and figured out you'd never never never lose it
So loose your cheap philosophies 'bout queens and kingdoms that'll never break or crumble
Secure you feel inside
And hope that love would come from the pop tarts

Sugar coated and ready to please
For a dime you would get down on your knees
You sold your soul to the fake and the phony, one of these days these kids will break free
So loose your cheap philosophies 'bout queens and kingdoms that'll break or crumble
Secure you feel inside
And hope that fame will come from the pop tarts

Fallen from grace off your throne
Now you can't say a word
I'd like to tell you money burns
In case you haven't heard
Paranoid and self-destroyed
Now you're skin and bones
You shout, you cry
You kick and squeal
But there is no one around
So shave your head bald, step out of your paltry world
Arrogance has made you choke
All your dreams are blown to smoke
And oh my god you are the joke

Confused you feel inside, freak out as hell breaks loose on your pop tarts
Track Name: Wasted

Those are the things that drive you out of life
That grip you at sad times
That make you want to take a run, hurt yourself and throw your debt away
Dreams splashed the wall of shame
Looks like I am to blame
I wanted to know who would run and who would stay

I used to play the game
You used to say the same

I'm wasted, I'm losing time again
And twisted I'm dying dry of thoughts

Those are the things that none would talk about
That whip you from inside
That make you run and hold it down
Dreams splashed my walls of shade
Looks like you knew the taste
Of all my feelings that I left away

You used to play the game
I probably said the same

I'm wasted, I'm losing time again
And twisted I'm dying dry of thoughts
Track Name: Barrier

Unborn heroes, killed within the shell
Squandered egos dug inside the selves
A handful of promises, all came down to lies
As they’re digging down the holes
To keep the cattle down, down, down

(thou created the barrier)

Soulless drones buzz making up the facts
Like one-eyed demons feeding on your mind
Blood sex and violence come in single servings
As the cattle fills its own on the seamless visions


I won’t stand, like sheep to brand
Divide to reign, segregate and deviate
Impose your rules to confederate the fools

Create the laws and build the walls
You spread the lies, you mesmerize
As you’re breaking our backs and blocking our sunlight

Bred and raised at birth to become simple minds
Wandering on this earth to meet our own demise
We find bliss in ignorance and comfort in decadence
You bite, you take
We strive, you feed
But you won’t stop me, you can’t stall me